Vooner Engineers Pulp Washer Showers

The wires on bleach drum washers can become plugged with oxalate and debris buildup reducing the capacity of a drum washer. An oscillating high pressure shower supported off the doctor blade holder can keep the wire clean but attention must be paid to design and materials for a successful installation.

A southern mill now has our successful design. The washers have a 360 inch drum face but the installation space is limited to a 2 ½ inch shower diameter requiring a center bearing support. Shower pipe and center bearing support are in 317SS and all other materials in 316SS. A 316SS manual brush assembly with handwheel was also provided to prevent nozzle plugging by the hot condensate. Standard 0.040 inch orifice nozzles were used and shower operating pressure is 150 psig. The showers have been in operation now two years and are performing very well.

Because of the width of the washers we used our ROLLTECH® Actuator, which is strong enough for any width washer or paper machine. A simple inline configuration was selected with actuator at one end and manual brush handwheel at the other end. Our Autobrush cleaning option was available and these showers can be converted to Autobrush at any time by simply connecting to the existing Victaulic coupling.

We often supply showers in 317SS and have looked at AL6XN which is a stainless used in ocean oil rigs for chlorine resistance. Whatever your unique materials requirements we are equipped to assist you.