Vacuum Pumps Designed For Long-term Operation In Harsh Food Processes

Vacuum pumps are used in the food industry for various applications such as packaging, processing, and pneumatic conveying. They are used to create vacuum environments to preserve food quality and extend shelf-life by reducing oxygen levels, removing moisture, and reducing the growth of organic microorganisms. In food processes, where the food product and surrounding environment … Read more

Vacuum Pumps For Power Generation

Vacuum Pumps are supportive and important in power generation, as they remove non-condensable gases (nitrogen and hydrogen) from the condenser. This makes the condenser work more effectively in removing spent steam from the discharge of the turbine. Some other types of pumps used in power generation include: Feedwater pumps are liquid pumps, not vacuum: the boiler … Read more

How To Gain Energy Efficiency In The Paper-making Process With The Operation Of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The paper-making process requires significant energy to create the vacuum necessary for dewatering the pulp and paper by removing moisture from the press fabrics. Liquid ring vacuum pumps can provide opportunities to improve energy-efficient solutions for this process. Here are some ways to gain energy efficiency using liquid ring vacuum pumps in the paper-making process. … Read more

What is a “Liquid Ring” in Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Liquid ring refers to a type of vacuum pump that uses a rotating ring of liquid to make pistons compress the gas captured. Liquid ring pumps are used in industrial applications, including vacuums for liquid-solid separation in filters, pneumatic conveying, distillation, and vaporized drying. The pump consists of an impeller or rotor with vanes that … Read more