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Vooner was originally founded back in 1983 as Vooner Vacuum Pumps, Inc in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2003, Vooner added to its capabilities the CVN product portfolio of dewatering products and systems for paper mills with manufacturing operations in Greeneville, TN. For close to 40 years now, Vooner has grown and developed into what it stands for today and commands a prominent position as an innovator and supplier of process-critical solutions to our customers that provide reliability, safety, and a minimum total cost of ownership (TCO).

Vooner carries a wide range of industrial products and solutions, such as showers, actuators, gravity strainers, inlet & discharge separators, manifolds, and pump packages. However, at the core of many of these solutions is our knowledge and experience with vacuum applications. Vooner has grown its popularity with customers through our experience with corrosion and erosion-resistant vacuum pump applications providing reliable and cost-effective pumping. With these durable cast stainless-steel pumps, customers no longer worry about wasteful vaneslip that otherwise create poor process results and loss of valuable energy.

On January 19, 2022, Aerzen announced the acquisition of Vooner FloGard® LLC. Aerzen is an international manufacturer of Positive Displacement Blowers, Hybrid Blowers, Screw Compressors, and Turbo Blowers. The high-quality machines are used for air and gas applications in wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, and process gas conveying.

Together, we will maintain and further develop the innovative vision of Vooner as a supplier of process-critical solutions, enabling reliability, safety, and a minimum total cost of ownership (TCO) and thereby develop more and deeper long-term connections with customers.

Let us earn your trust with our experience and cost-effective solutions!