Vooner® manufactures and provides high-quality, cone port, vacuum pumps and compressors, replacement parts and services to a variety of industries. Customers rely on Vooner products to keep their operations running efficiently while minimizing expensive downtime and protecting their bottom line.

pulp and paper industry vacuum pumpsPulp and Paper

VOONER® vacuum pumps, compressors and paper machine components are supplied to the pulp and paper industry as a part of a paper dewatering process system through Vooner, Greeneville, TN. (423) 638-2211,  [email protected]

power generation plant vacuum pumpsPower Generation Plants

VOONER® provides a variety of pumps for the power generation industry. Long-lasting 316 stainless steel vacuum pumps are used for fly ash conveying and recovery systems and very high vacuum for removing spent steam from condensers of geothermal power plants. Rugged two-stage very high vacuum cast iron pumps are used to exhaust spent steam from condensers of steam turbines. Other power plant applications include flue gas desulfurization, FGD rotary drum filters, gypsum dewatering, condenser water box priming and vacuum deaerators.

food and beverage industryFood Processing

VOONER® vacuum pumps are designed for long-term operation in harsh food processes such as sugar manufacturing chicken and fish evisceration, fermentation, and cornstarch drying.  Sugar manufacturing includes cast iron pumps for filtration and high vacuum crystallization and stainless steel compressors for controlling carbon dioxide CO2 which when mixed with water makes corrosive carbonic acid.  Chicken and fish evisceration vacuum pumps need to be stainless steel as periodic flushing is done to kill bacteria.

mining industry vacuum pumpsMining

Vacuum filtration of mineral slurries requires the rugged design of VOONER® vacuum pumps, which includes cone ports to easily pass through solids without damaging the pump internal parts.  Vooner pump design also includes solid cast corners of the housing to prevent erosion from solids rotating in the housing. Vooner offers different hard materials of construction using various amounts of chrome in the stainless steel for ranges of erosion and corrosion protection.

chemical industry vacuum pumpsChemical

VOONER® liquid ring compressors are used in applications where explosive or corrosive gases are controlled.  The gases are common in municipal anaerobic digesters, methane pentane recirculation compressors and in paper mill whitener systems. Steel compressors for controlling carbon dioxide CO2 which when mixed with water makes corrosive carbonic acid.

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