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Vooner® believes in supplying the lowest long term total cost of ownership (TCO).
 want to see customers experience vacuum pumps that will
last longer while needing less maintenance. 

Complete Vacuum System

complete vacuum pump system

Complete Paper Machinery System

vacuum pumps for pulp and paper industry

Pulp & Paper Industries

Vooner FloGard supplies its vacuum pumps and accessories to the pulp and paper industry as a part of a paper process system through Vooner, Greeneville, TN.

vacuum pumps for the food and beverage industry


Our stainless steel vacuum pumps are designed for long-term operation in harsh food processing applications, such as; chicken and fish evisceration, sugar crystallization, and corn evaporation.

vacuum pumps for the mining industry

Mining Industry

Vacuum filtration of mineral slurries requires the rugged design of Vooner’s vacuum pumps, which includes cone ports and the liquidring eccentric corner in a solid housing. Vooner offers different materials of construction using various amounts of stainless steel for erosion and corrosion protection.

vacuum pumps for power generation plants

Power Generation

Long-lasting 316 stainless steel is used for fly ashconveying systems and condenser vacuum for geothermal power plants. Cast iron two-stage high vacuum pumps are used to exhaust condensers on steam turbines.

vacuum pumps for the chemical industry

Chemical Industry

Vooner vacuum pumps are also used in dry corn milling applications, phosphoric acid production, anaerobic digester recirculating corrosive methane pentane gases, and CO2 gas compressors. Vooner bronze or stainless steel vacuum pumps and compressors are ideally suited to handle applications where explosive or corrosive gases are present.

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