Model 14, Osprey™ Gravity Strainer, automatic backwash self cleaning

  • Patented “vertical-up” continuous spray cleaning of screen, no cycle backwash or bag changing
  • Fibers that “staple” over the wire screen are continuously removed by patented backwash spray
  • No trapping or driving solids through screen openings
  • No long shutdown required for high labor bashwash cleaning
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Performance can be altered (variable speed) for change in concentration or flow rate
  • Four-quadrant screen is easy to remove and clean if necessary; spare screen not necessary
  • Easy visual performance check, inspection and infrequent cleaning
  • Easy to install, self-contained modular unit, gravity process, no pressure drop in pipeline
  • Small floor space for flow capacity
  • Start-up assistance, service support with pilot tests
  • Two-year warranty on material and workmanship, except for normal wear
  • Process flows up to 550 GPM

Gravity Strainer Video
Gravity Strainer Osprey™ OS-14
Osprey Gravity Strainer Brochure


A – Diameter (Cover) 62.00″
B – Height 66.00″
C – Minimum clearance above spray feed 20.00″

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