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 High Quality liquid ring vacuum Pumps...
Lower Long Term Cost

Vooner FloGard® Corporation offers cone port liquid ring vacuum pumps for the power generation (geothermal), mining, ethanol production, food processing and environmental markets for a wide variety of applications. The VG and V4 Series’ of single stage vacuum pumps with capacities to 13,000 ACFM are available in cast iron, stainless steel or bronze construction. Bronze or stainless steel vacuum pumps or compressors are ideally suited to handle applications where explosive or corrosive gases are present. The VTS Series of two stage vacuum pumps are commonly used for removing gases to less than 1.0 inch Hg.A for power industry condenser exhauster applications.

Vooner FloGard vacuum pumps are also ideally suited for sludge dewatering and rotary drum or belt vacuum filtration as used in power industry, mining and environmental plants. As liquid ring compressors they are applied for the recirculation of natural gas in anaerobic digesters (Bio-Gas).

Vooner FloGard stainless steel vacuum pumps are designed for long-term operation in harsh food (sugar manufacturing) and beverage processing applications, such as; chicken and fish evisceration, fermentation, carbonation, crystallization, evaporation (cornstarch drying) and distillation. Vooner liquid ring vacuum pumps are also used in ethanol production plants for thin stillage evaporation, fermentation, distillation, dehydration (molecular sieve regeneration) and dry corn milling applications.

Vooner's rugged design includes cone ports and the liquid ring eccentric corner in a solid housing. All Vooner pumps are bolt-in replacements for CL, 904 and AT Series pumps.  Every vacuum pump and compressor is performance tested to HEI performance standards in Charlotte, NC.  Our rigorous quality control inspections and performance tests guarantee that each Vooner pump matches the capacity and power consumption shown on our performance curves.

Why Vooner?

  • Lower long term total cost of ownership including original purchase, water usage and power consumption over the economic life of the pump
  • Flexible product design, quick delivery and outstanding quality control
  • Priced in US $
  • Comprehensive engineering drawings are fully downloadable from our catalog
  • Three Year Warranty on Material & Workmanship



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