Vooner Case Studies

Since 1981, the origin of VPM, mills have benefited from “Complete Coverage Cleaning” of VPM actuated showers in conditioning press fabrics. These Vooner case studies show how the high quality of VPM equipment has reduced costs of fabric conditioning for paper mills in over 40 countries. Uhle or vacuum boxes are constructed with extra internal support members for extra rigidity for very straight boxes to easily support ceramic wear strips.

In today’s world of the surviving mills reducing costs to improve earnings, mills are coming to VPM for cost improvement projects.

Orifice testing of vacuum pumps will show loss of airflow from old pumps. Evaluations of costs are reported to assist in deciding whether to do nothing, repair, or replace worn vacuum pumps.


Vooner Engineers Pulp Washer Showers

The wires on bleach drum washers can become plugged with oxalate and debris buildup reducing the capacity of a drum washer. An oscillating high pressure shower supported off the doctor blade holder can keep the wire clean but attention must be paid to design and...

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