Barometric Drop Leg, Inlet Separator Options

The inlet separator is necessary for any vacuum box application that removes water. By removing water and fiber from reaching the vacuum pump will ensure consistent vacuum level during operation. If the vacuum pump processes this extra water and solid it can cause vacuum surging, buildup and erosion in the vacuum pump, premature belt and motor failure.

  • Manufactured from 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
  • Designed for velocities of 750-800 ft/min for proper water separation
  • Can be mounted on the floor or hung above the ground

The barometric drop leg design is the standard type for an inlet separator. The drop leg length must have the required height to generate the head pressure to offset the vacuum draw.

  • Drop leg length is dependent on the vacuum level of the application
  • Drop leg diameter is dependent on water removal flow

VIS Pre-Separation System

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