A fine paper producer in the southeast recently purchased a new CVN Vooner compressor assembly. This flue gas compressor was needed for handling increased production for their precipitated calcium carbonate mill. The customer decided to upgrade from their existing “coated” carbon steel compressors to a solid 316 stainless steel model. In order to meet the customers needs CVN Vooner had to provide a flexible deisgn that allowed the customer to use their own motor to run the assembly. The harsh environment of processing carbon dioxide can be very detrimental on the life and efficiency of these compressors, and a solid 316 stainless steel unit is the best option if it is economically feasible. Vooner was able to provide them with this solid 316 stainless steel compressor and allow them to come in around $100,000 under budget — plus supplying the best type of equipment for the application.

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