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PDF Drawings & Technical Information


VG Models

VG3 (CL301 CL302)

VG4 (CL401 CL402 CL403)

VG7 (CL701 CL702 CL703)

VG10 (CL1001 CL1002 CL1003)

VG20 (CL2001 CL2002 CL2003)

VG30 (CL3001 CL3002 CL3003)

VG40 (CL4001 CL4002 CL4003)

V460 (CL6001 CL6002 CL6003)

V490 (CL9001 CL9002 CL9003)

Metric Drawings

V4 Models

V4L50 (904L1 904L2 904L3)

V4M55 (904M1 904M2 904M3)

V4P75 (904P1 904P2 904P3)

V4R95 (904R1 904R2 904R3)

V4S110 (904S1 904S2 904S3)

V4T130 (904T1 904T2 904T3)


Metric Drawings


VTS Models

VTS10 (AT1004 AT1006)

VTS20 (AT2004 AT2006)

VTS30 (AT3004)


If you do not find the information that you require, please contact our sales department at or by telephone 704-552-9314.

The equivalent Nash CL, 904 or AT model pump is shown in parenthesis.

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